Banyule City Council Town Planning

Banyule City Council Town Planning

The business possesses the experience and capacity in the preparation and execution of a wide range of Banyule City Council Town Planning tasks and processes. Virtually every property development proposal will require planning approval. The complexity of the system, where the proponent must ensure that all appropriate information is provided, can often be difficult and time consuming.

Site Matters Pty Ltd can expedite the application process and assist by their extensive experience across a range of specialties. Our role involves

  • Preparation of a comprehensive, compelling planning submission.
  • Preparation of comprehensive planning reports in accordance with the objectives, standards and decision guidelines of Clause 54, 55, 56 and 57 of the planning scheme, local policies and variations.
  • Neighbourhood Urban Character Assesments relevant to and applicable to each municipality.
  • Mediation and negotiation with objectors.
  • Response to requests for further information.

We can also advise or represent you on any part of a planning application including preparation of planning reports, addressing objections, gaining Council support, responding to requests for further information and assisting with the finalisation of your design.

About Banyule City Council

The Banyule City Council is a local government area in Victoria, Australia in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It has an area of 63 square kilometres (24.3 sq mi) and lies between 7 and 21 km from central Melbourne. At the 2016 Census, Banyule had a population of 121,865. The Yarra River runs along the City’s south border while the west is defined by the Darebin Creek.

The area was originally occupied by the Wurundjeri, Indigenous Australians of the Kulin nation, who spoke variations of the Woiwurrung language group.
Banyule is the birthplace of the Heidelberg School of Art, which was formed when a group of artists, including Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin, Walter Withers, Charles Conder and others moved to a shack on Mount Eagle (now known as Eaglemont) and began painting the landscape in a uniquely Australian way during the late 1880s.

The City moved their main offices from Ivanhoe to Greensborough in 2017 with council meetings remaining at the old Heidelberg Town Hall for historical reasons.


Bellfield, Briar Hill, Eaglemont, Eltham North , Greensborough , Heidelberg, Heidelberg Heights, Heidelberg West, Ivanhoe,Ivanhoe East,Lower Plenty
,Macleod , Montmorency, Rosanna, Viewbank ,St Helena, Watsonia, Watsonia North, Yallambie

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