It is a mandatory requirement in all municipalities and particular provisions of the planning scheme to submit a neighbourhood and site description plan for any development application comprising a single storey dwelling, dual occupancy development, multi-dwelling development or apartment building of four storeys or less. We specialise in the preparation of a neighbourhood and site description plan prepared in advance of the design accurately recording and evaluating information in relation to the site and in relation to the surrounding area to identify the opportunities and constraints of the site and assists the designer in the design and formulation of a development for the site.

Town planning fees vary with the complexity of the project. We can work on an hourly rate or a set fee depending on the client’s wishes. Site Matters Pty Ltd will usually charge a set fee for preparation of a development application and any associated reports. We provide competitive pricing and offer a free in office consultation. Hourly fees can occur on projects that require amendments, ongoing consultation, response to requests for further information and involvement from the town planner.

This is the most difficult question to answer as it hugely depends on the type of project, challenges that may arise and the parties involved. Once an application is submitted to Council a planning permit application can vary from as little as 4 weeks to 12 months depending on the varied elements of the planning process. Factors that can influence the time of an application can include Council request for further information, objections and referrals to external authorities such a Vic Roads.

Depending on the planning controls affecting your site, the consultants you need to assist you will vary.

For example, sites affected by a Heritage Overlay may need the assistance of a Heritage Adviser. Or, an application for a car parking reduction and complex basement design might require input from a Traffic Engineer.

We can assist in selecting the right consultants for your project and we believe getting them on board early will ensure issues are resolved and your planning permit application will be streamlined from the beginning.

We have carefully selected a wide range of consultants that understand what is required to provide the best possible support for your planning proposal.

This is totally dependent on the documentation that is submitted to Council. Our extensive experience, quality work and detailed comprehensive planning submissions provide a response and assesment to all of the requirements relevant to each planning scheme can minimize the chances of them requesting further information.

All municipalities have a dedicated planning scheme which includes the various planning-related policies, overlays and zones dictating land use and development. Council planning departments oversee the planning scheme. The zoning and overlay controls that are applicable to your site can dictate what you can and cannot do. Each planning application is considered on its own merits. We research the zoning and overlay controls that are applicable to your site and provide expert advice on what would be the most appropriate use and development for your site based on the context of your site and the immediate and surrounding area.

Having a town planning consultant on board can make a huge difference to the success and timing of your planning permit application and can be cost effective limiting time delays during the application process. As planning consultants we have a particular insight into the Council processes and what Council will support. We also have a detailed understanding of how to justify and support variations to Council requirements.

Planning permits are required for just about every type of use and include applications such as fitness centres, child care centres, medical centres, yoga studios, massage centres, bars, liquor licenses and indoor play centres. We are highly experienced with managing the range of issues associated with these planning permit applications and can assist to ensure a successful planning permit for the use.