liquor licence consultants

Planning Permit Advice

Land uses likely to require a permit under Clause 52.27 Licensed Premises include a Bottle shop, Night Club, Restricted Place of Assembly, Food and drink premises, Restricted recreation facility and certain other premises that may be licensed to sell or consume liquor. Food and drink premises include Tavern, Hotel, restaurant, Convenience restaurant and Take-away food premises. A planning permit is required to use land to sell or consume liquor.

Site Matters can assist in the preparation of a Cumulative Impact Assesment Plan which includes a detailed and comprehensive survey of the site that shows all licensed venues within a 100m and 500m radius of the site recording and evaluating information in relation to the site and in relation to the surrounding area.

We format and design a Cumulative Impact Assesment plan to scale accurately reflecting the following key points:

• The nature and location of uses surrounding the proposed licensed premises and their hours of operation.
• The location of footpaths, laneways, parks, public spaces and any other known congregation points.
• The location and layout of all on and off-street car parking including details of any restrictions.
• The proximity of the premises to residential properties, including details of doors, windows, and open space areas of all residential uses.
• Red line diagrams showing storage and walk ways, as well as seated areas where liquor is consumed
• Photographs of the site and the immediate and surrounding areas.

We provide a written submission including:

• Preparation of a comprehensive planning submission in accordance with Clause 52.27 Licensed Premises.
• A description of the proposed uses on the site including uses, liquor license, hours of operation,
• Provision and hours of food service and type of music/entertainment.
• A written description of the site context.
• A detailed assesment of all potential off-site impacts including identification of ways in which such impacts will be managed and mitigated.
• Details of proposed management of the premises including, crowd control, responsible service of alcohol, queuing areas.